Many of the sectors we serve in the nation’s capital require some level of corporate services and admin staffing help. As a result, we have a unique set of insights into what is happening in this dynamic field that continues to grow at a healthy pace. More and more companies are opening offices in Ottawa, and because we are an increasingly significant part of their recruitment solutions, we have our finger on the pulse of what kind of salaries and compensation packages they are paying their workers.

That is why we’re happy to announce a new resource we’ve developed for both Employers and Employees to help navigate the Ottawa Corporate Services scene. Whether you’re looking to staff any admin position or you’re trying to land your dream job, you need to have up-to-date, and local salary information at your fingertips.

Download the Ottawa Corporate Services Salary Guide 2019


What You’ll Get in this Guide:

  • Detailed salary ranges by position
  • Highly valued certifications
  • In-demand skills
  • Overview of compensation packages
  • Employee onboarding checklist

Bonus Guide – For a Limited Time!

For a limited time you’ll receive a Bonus 3-part guide by email to help with your hiring:

  • How to find the best corporate services talent in Ottawa
  • 10 must ask corporate service interview questions
  • The benefits of working with a staffing agency
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