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Whether you’re looking to make a move from your current role or temporarily out of work, the search for the right contract role or permanent position can make even the most seasoned professional feel uncertain at times. LRO Staffing is here to open doors to opportunities and guide you through the job search process – from the initial interview to the signed contract or job offer.

With our history of successful placements, we’ve built a vast network of clients who turn to us when they’re looking for talent. By letting us work on your behalf, you’ll get access to these job opportunities as they arise.

Our Process for a Better Fit

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all job opportunity. That’s why LRO Staffing follows a proven process to make sure the job you take is the one that’s a better fit for you.


Client Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive overview of the client company’s requirements to make sure we truly understand the nature of the role and the qualifications necessary to ensure success in this role.

Narrowing our Search

We build a shortlist of the most suitable candidates by assessing the individuals already registered with LRO Staffing and canvass the market for other potential candidates.

Presenting Top Talent

After interviewing and evaluating all interested candidates, we present the short list to the client along with a technical and cultural fit assessment of each candidate.


We arrange interviews between the client and candidates and conduct reference checks on those selected as finalists.


We work with both parties on remuneration and present the job offer to the successful candidate.

Follow Up

In the case of contract assignments, we ensure that you have the support you need while onsite with our clients and we work towards lining up your next assignment – a benefit that is invaluable to most independent contractors.

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