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Our videos are designed to help you get up-to-date information on today’s job market, provide useful tips on how you can advance your career and give you insight on how to get access and retain top talent.

Pertinent Questions to Ask a Potential Employer
How to Successfully Attract & Retain Talent
Effectively Recruiting Candidates with Social Media
How to Negotiate a Better Compensation Package
Tips for New Canadians Entering the Workforce
Tips for Employers Hiring New Canadians
How to Attract Top Talent
6 Ways Employers Can Deal with the Labour Shortage
Common Misconceptions About Recruiters
Canada’s Current Hiring Landscape
A Recruiter’s Guide to Writing a Cover Letter
Overcoming A History of Gaps & Job Hopping On Your Resume
The Top Salary Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid
15 Reasons Working in Ottawa is Better than Anywhere Else in Canada
The Costs of Your Hiring Process Taking Too Long
12 Keys to Smooth Employee Onboarding

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