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Our reputation is extremely important. We love to hear feedback from our clients and candidates. Here’s just a small selection of some of our most recent reviews and testimonials. If you’d like to leave a review for LRO Staffing, please go here. You can see more of our reviews and testimonials across the web:

“LRO Staffing is a great company and I strongly recommend them! They provided me with great feedback’s and valuable pieces of advice to reorganize my resume. The result was that I received an official job offer after five business days. I especially thank Joey Kewin for all his assistance, professionalism, and attention. He is a great professional.”

– Matheus / Candidate

“We have been benefiting from their services for many years as they continuously bring quality individuals to our organization. Their team is a pleasure to work with as they have come to know as much about our organization as we do.”

– Marc / Client

“Working with LRO was an overall fantastic experience. All staff members were a pleasure to work with & provided excellent communication and advice. Contact was consistent and clear. LRO was very flexible and timely in getting me set up with a variety of different positions, and in making sure I was presented opportunities that appealed to me. All their instructions were very clear and thorough. I very much appreciated how they personalized the experience to suit my needs and to correlate with my qualifications. Within a few short weeks, LRO had found a perfect fit for me with a great company. Without LRO, I would not be currently working with an excellent company with which I see myself maintaining a stable and fulfilling career.”

– Samantha / Candidate

“My thanks to LRO for their highly professional support in helping me find employment in Ottawa. I appreciated the time taken initially to learn about me as a person as well as my experience and skill set. I was given realistic information about what might be possible or not, given that I am not bilingual. It was clear that the team were constantly reviewing opportunities that might be a fit for me. When a position did come up, I was guided through the process and felt well prepared for the interview. LRO managed the whole process from start to finish and have kept in touch since, to ensure that I am happy in the role. I would highly recommend them as an agency to work with – they made me feel valued and worthwhile at a time when I could have easily become discouraged in the job-hunting market – a big thank-you to you all !”

Helen / Candidate

“It’s been a pleasure working with LRO Staffing; their collaborative and engaging approach allowed for an open and trusting relationship to develop. I consider LRO Staffing to be one of my professional partners and their experience and support have been invaluable to me. The firm has multiple procurement vehicles active in the public sector which is a critical element for getting consultants working on federal government projects.”

– Candidate

“LRO Staffing has been a trusted advisor to our company for some time. Its network of talented candidates sets it apart from the competition. When we need a great candidate, LRO Staffing is our trusted partner. The firm understands our business and our culture, and who will be successful in our organization. They understand that it’s in everyone’s best interest to find the right match.”

– Client

“As our business moved into hyper-growth this year, we felt the need to supplant the traditional ‘vendor-client’ relationship with a partner that we could integrate into the process of supporting our business growth. The LRO Staffing team invested in deeply understanding our culture, values and differentiators to position themselves as the partner. The talent they represent allows us to maintain our delivery quality at the levels our clients have come to expect and demand.”

– Client

“I wanted to offer my gratitude & thanks for your support throughout the recruitment process for my new & exciting position. I found the competition process to be smooth, very quick & felt your support to be quite helpful, from the very first meeting (& gaining lots of insight into the organization) to very proactive & quick follow-ups at the end of the process. Thanks again for everything & I am wishing you & your team continued successes in 2018.”

– Candidate

“Would highly recommend to any employers after my recent experience as a candidate. Lee-Anne was great to work with – honest, timely, supportive.”

– Ian / Candidate

“LRO is absolutely a top-notch agency. Not only did they keep me updated on opportunities, but they also provided me with sound advice and always followed up with me. Lee-Anne and Mandy went above and beyond! Thank you!!!”

– Mitch / Candidate

“Working with LRO was one of my best experiences. I’ve dealt with other agencies in Ottawa and no other compares to LRO. They have a great staff that is knowledgeable, accessible and extremely helpful. I registered with them last October and received my first 5-month contract in November with a great Association in downtown Ottawa. I was officially hired on a full-time basis in May and they were truly happy for me. Other Agencies in Ottawa will promise you the world and then give you minimum wage when a contract becomes available. They feed on people’s desperation. LRO will never sell you out – they respect and appreciate your skills and pay you accordingly. They are by far the best in the city. Don’t get fooled by those other agencies who claim to be excellent – they’re not. Good luck everyone with your job search.”

–Sue / Candidate

“Working with LRO Staffing was a great experience. They helped me fix up my resume to make the most of my experience and placed me on a number of short-term placements. I eventually received a long-term contract position in Office Administration that turned into full-time employment. Everyone at LRO staffing is extremely professional and personable. I especially appreciate Shannon Maloney for all her assistance.”

– Kaitlan / Candidate

“Fantastic company! Shannon Maloney has helped me build my resume and reputation in the administrative world. They are professional and listen to their client’s likes and dislikes to make sure they are in their perfect position. I have sent many friends and family members for assistance in building their resume and career. Will definitely keep recommending their services!”

– Ange / Candidate

“I have been working with the staff at Lannick recruitment (LRO Staffing) since I came to Ottawa in 2004 and found it hard to get work without being bilingual. The staff are wonderful; putting me to work at many different companies across Ottawa. It has been a great way to learn the city and to get a lot of experience in many office settings. I wasn’t aware that many companies use temp agencies to look for permanent staff so there is always a good chance that you may land a good job if you work hard, always be punctual, and smile. The staff are very professional and friendly; always great with feedback and quick to answer any questions you may have.”

– Wendy / Candidate

“Professional people make all the difference. Glenn at LRO was efficient, knowledgeable, and adept at finding just the right fit for me. His experience and contacts were instrumental in placing me.”

– Matt / Candidate

“I’ve been with LRO since 2013, and it had been nothing but an awesome experience. The recruiters take the time to get to know you and match you with the proper placements, unlike other agencies that just throw you to the first assignment that comes their way, regardless or your background or career path. I have always felt like a valued member of their team, and the recruiters were there for support anytime I may have needed it. By far the most success in finding work (short term or long term) from any agency that I worked with, which was quite a few! Definitely 6-star performance.”

– Luciano / Candidate

“I worked with a few agencies in the city and they never provided me with any offers let alone placements. The team at LRO works with you to find work when you need it. They actually care about knowing you as a person rather than an assignment. I have never had a bad experience with this group. Highly recommend. Lee-Anne and Shannon are amazing!”

– Candidate

“Sonia at LRO is one of the most professional recruiters I have worked with when I lost my job about a year and a half ago, she was so supportive and helpful trying to find me a new career. She did not end up placing me in a company, but we keep in contact and I hope to use Sonia and LRO on a professional level with my current company soon!”

– James / Candidate