A woman and a man wearing professional clothing sitting down at a desk looking up at a man standing on the other side of the desk. The two men are shaking hands.HiringRecruiting

The Power of Employee Referral Programs

In the realm of modern recruitment strategies, one approach stands out as a beacon of efficiency and effectiveness: the employee referral program. Beyond its simplicity, this method holds significant potential to revolutionize the way companies source and retain talent. In this blog post, we'll delve into the benefits of employee…
Alita Fabiano
April 29, 2024
A woman smiling while sitting at a desk with a laptop and notes on it. In the background there is a Christmas tree.HiringRecruiting

How Seasonal Employees Can Help Your Business

It’s normal for businesses to experience ebbs and flows with their demand during certain points in the year. As such, the holiday season is known for the greatest influx in most industries. For businesses who may already be experiencing challenges retaining or attracting the right talent, hiring seasonal employees can…
Alita Fabiano
November 16, 2022
Two men sitting at a desk looking at a computer monitor with graphs. One of the men is pointing at the screen while typing on a laptop next to him.HiringRecruiting

How to Implement A Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy

Over the past decade there have been tremendous advancements in the area of data tracking, and some of that growth has been in the recruiting space. Collecting data and examining the numbers to better understand your candidates is imperative in recruiting the right talent. Data-driven recruiting is collecting information on…
Alita Fabiano
April 7, 2022