Historically, individuals have grown up with the same handful of traditional career options presented to them, such as a doctor, lawyer, police officer, firefighter, or teacher. While these are incredible career paths that inevitably impact society, it can often limit youth in considering other viable options. Talent Acquisition is a career path that might not first jump to mind as one that is a lifelong aspiration, but those who choose to work within it can find it to be purposeful, fulfilling, and financially lucrative. On top of that, it can require far less schooling than some of the positions previously listed.

Human resources (HR) and talent acquisition (TA) professionals continue to remain in demand across the country and in recent years, there has been a notable shift from TA professionals being viewed as simply connecting job seekers with open roles, to a profession that contributes to organizational achievements by influencing more high-level business decisions.

Whether you choose to go the route of an in-house vs an agency recruitment professional, the reasons for considering a career in TA are plentiful and as such, we’re outlining some of those below.

Social and Organizational Impact

In a post-pandemic landscape, now more so than ever, employees expect a significant source of purpose to come from their jobs. A McKinsey & Company survey from 2022 showed that 70% of employees say their individual sense of purpose is defined by their work, and as such, they perform better when their job gives them meaning. While what constitutes purpose is unique to everyone, TA professionals have the power to have a positive influence directly or indirectly on the lives of individuals and families. Whether it’s improving their financial situation, helping them achieve career goals or creating strong and supportive work communities through connecting people with companies in alignment with their values and beliefs. 

From an organizational standpoint, there is the saying that “a business is only as good as the people who work within it.” As a TA professional responsible for presenting an authentic and appealing employer image to attract and hire those people, you can directly impact organizational success. Coupled with the fact that 76% of hiring managers admit that attracting suitable candidates is their greatest challenge, you can see how there are multiple reasons why excelling in talent acquisition contributes to a company’s achievements and long-term sustainability.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

While an organization’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts should ideally be seen as the responsibility of everyone within a company, HR and TA professionals can play a significant role in sourcing and engaging with a diverse pool of job seekers.

Oftentimes, TA professionals are an applicant’s first line of contact and impression with an organization. From ensuring your job descriptions are as inclusive as possible, offering candidates multiple locations or options for interviewing if needed, and being mindful of a candidate’s gender identity; a career in TA can see you as having a direct impact on a company’s DEI efforts. Furthermore, when actively seeking out candidates from differing backgrounds, what better way to become a champion of inclusivity than to have a say in the variety of candidates put forward for opportunities of all levels?

In addition, getting to a point in your TA career where you can influence hiring managers to consider applicants of non-traditional backgrounds has proven to have positive impacts on diversity and is helpful in industries experiencing a shortage of candidates. Regardless of whether a company is a multinational organization, a career in TA also offers the opportunity to work with people from different cultural backgrounds and can play a role in facilitating cross-border collaboration and understanding.

Check out our previous blog post for additional tactics to keep in mind for successfully hiring a diverse workforce.

Exciting Day-to-Day Responsibilities

At a more granular level, we would be remiss not to talk about the excitement and satisfaction that stems from the day-to-day of the job itself.

Building and nurturing relationships is often at the heart of why TA professionals love their job. Similar to any relationship, there are ups and downs with having good conversations, as well as more challenging ones, but at the core of recruitment is the relationship-building aspect and getting to know what makes people tick. If you are an individual who thrives on networking and you consider yourself a ‘people person,’ then talent acquisition is a solid option. An additional descriptor of TA professionals is that they are matchmakers and detectives. Matchmakers because they get to connect job seekers with companies or positions that will add value to their lives, and detectives because a strong recruiter can distinguish positive or negative patterns of behaviour and traits from relatively short interactions.

To be successful in their craft, recruiters must also stay up to date with the latest industry trends, candidate preferences and a multitude of exciting technologies – which can prove to be intellectually stimulating and allow for a well-rounded skill set. To add to the perks, it’s an ideal career path if you’re an individual who is excited at the prospect of understanding human behaviours and motivations, negotiating tactics, and how to deliver tough conversations in an empathetic yet transparent way.

Financially Lucrative

Lastly, as a result of the demand for TA professionals and the shift in some organizations from viewing recruitment as transactional to a more strategic and influential role, it can also be a financially lucrative career path. While it is important to note that certain industries and economic conditions impact these ranges, LRO’s 2023 Salary Guides illustrate that entry-level recruiters in Ottawa typically make anywhere from $50-60K, and TA Specialists anywhere from $70-90K. The earning potential increases if managing a team or if an organization has director-level roles that focus specifically on talent acquisition, management, or strategy.

In summary, a career in talent acquisition goes beyond matching candidates with jobs. It offers opportunities for personal growth, social impact, and the chance to influence workplace cultures and positively impact company success. If you enjoy working with people, understand their motivations, and want to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive workforce, talent acquisition might be the ideal outside-the-box career choice for you.

Luckily, we have a talented team at LRO that specializes in placing HR and TA professionals. To view our open job postings, which we recruit for on behalf of our valued clients, click here. Finally, if the prospect of working as a professional recruiter in the search and staffing industry speaks to you, our internal team at LRO Staffing is always open to connecting with prospective talent. You can contact jroberts@lrostaffing.com directly to learn more.

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