The process of hiring new employees is imperative to the success of any organization. However, in this competitive market it has been difficult to find talent with countless competing job openings and a record low unemployment rate. Working with the right recruiter from a staffing agency can offer your organization the support it needs to quickly and confidently hire talent for open positions that fit into your long-term hiring strategy. A talented recruiter is an invaluable resource for any company as they go beyond just filling a role, and can look at your organizational needs to find a placement that meets your goals and values. As such, they can provide great support and direction while working with your hiring manager or human resources personnel.

Below we’ve outlined several indicators that you’ve found a recruiter who is the right fit for you.

Benefits of Recruitment Services

Streamline Your Process – A recruiter has access to a pool of skilled talent, and as such, this means you will often receive fewer applications from more worthy candidates. This ultimately speeds up the sourcing and interview processes for a quicker yet higher quality hire.

Secure Top Talent – The best talent doesn’t stay on the market for long. Rather than a company wasting their time searching for that talent, a recruiter has already spent the time and resources to connect with skilled individuals. A good recruiter will have a pool of candidates that they’ve nurtured their relationship with overtime so that they will have a deep understanding of their long-term career goals and can confidently place them with your organization knowing that they are the right talent and culture fit.

Gain Market Insights – Recruiters are experts in not only their specificalized industry, but the job market itself. You can use them as a resource to help understand the current hiring landscape, as well as how the market affects your staffing needs specifically. An example of this could be asking for advice on if your compensation offerings are fair market value so that you aren’t losing out on desirable candidates.

Improve Employee Retention – Recruiters typically have preexisting professional relationships with their candidates prior to matching them with your organization. Their continuous follow-ups throughout the candidate’s career journey create a seamless and positiv onboarding experience into your organization. It is said that 69% of employees stay at a company for at least 3 years when they have a good onboarding experience.

Cost Effective – Using a recruiter drastically cuts costs for an organization by not having to unnecessarily spend on excessive training or rehiring, in the long-term it also reduces organizational expenses by improving employee retention and quickening the hiring process. 

Assessing Potential Recruiters

Finding a recruiter who deeply understands your company, is an expert in your industry, and has access to qualified candidates can be a fit of a challenge at times. To help assess if the recruiter you are speaking to is the right fit for your company, try asking them the following questions:

  • What is your process for staffing a position? How a prospective recruiter answers this question will show how honest and transparent they are, as well as how thorough they are in their search for candidates.
  • What is the expected hiring timeline? This is good to ask to ensure it matches with your goals and to compare with what other agencies have told you. It’s important to keep in mind that a quicker timeline isn’t always better, you want to ensure you’re receiving quality candidates.
  • What are some long-term clients you’ve worked with in my industry? This reveals how many years of experience they have filling similar position types.
  • Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee should the placement be fired or quit shortly after? A recruiter or staffing agency that offers this is showing that they truly care about placing the right people in the right role for the right company, it also demonstrates confidence in their abilities.
  • What would marketing of my position entail? It’s important to choose a recruiter who is part of a staffing agency that can gain exposure for your organization or role and attract that top tier talent – knowing what their marketing tactics helps you feel confident that they have that organizational support.
  • What is your typical response time for answering any questions I may have throughout the process? While you may not get a direct answer with this question, it’s important to also factor in how attentive and responsive the recruiter has been thus far with any communications you’ve had.
  • What do you know about our organization? If they can articulate the value and purpose of your business, it is a clear sign that the recruiter not only knows your industry, but knows your organization well enough to advocate on its behalf throughout the recruitment and staffing process. If they can’t answer this question well, it demonstrates a lack of care or understanding.

How LRO Staffing Can Help

The best recruiters are the ones who know how to build genuine relationships with others, and LRO Staffing prides itself on doing just that. We offer quick access to highly qualified candidates, and always guarantee finding the best fit for your role with our exceptional and transparent service. We’ve also made a significant investment in research, technology and marketing to give our team the tools necessary to succeed.

That said, our actions speak louder than words. Leveraging our recruitment expertise, we have assembled a team of tenured search and staffing professionals and fostered a culture to retain them. Our retention rate of 94% is unparalleled for an agency of our size and ensures continuity of care to our clients and candidates.

If you want to learn more about our staffing and recruitment services to find the best candidates available, we encourage you to contact us today!

Tayo Olafimihan

Author Tayo Olafimihan

Since transitioning to the staffing industry in 2019, Tayo has found success by building genuine relationships and delivering consistent results with clients and candidates. AT LRO, Tayo continues to expand on his client management and networking expertise to provide quality staffing solutions in the Technology and Engineering sectors.

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