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Why Job Seekers Avoid RecruitersHiringRecruiting

Why Job Seekers Avoid Recruiters

I know this is going to sound pretty rich. A recruiter explaining why job seekers seem to dislike recruiters. It’s not that we don’t know what’s being said out there. We’ve heard it all, and we understand where it comes from. We even realize there are going to be individuals…
Peter Heuthorst
January 30, 2019
The Costs of Your Hiring Process Taking Too LongHiringOttawa

The Costs of Your Hiring Process Taking Too Long

It’s funny that in a world where absolutely everything seems to be speeding up, the hiring process in most organizations seems stuck in the mud. Or, at least, it would be funny if it didn’t cost so many organizations mass amounts of resources and almost more importantly huge opportunity costs…
LRO Staffing
October 31, 2018
1st Annual LRO Staffing Pumpkin Decorating ContestOffice FunOttawa

1st Annual LRO Staffing Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Halloween 2018 is fast-approaching and so this year we decided to have a little fun around the office in celebration of this spooky day. Enter the 1st Annual LRO Staffing Pumpkin Decorating Contest. The competition was fierce, but the results were absolutely amazing. Congrats team on displaying such amazing creativity.…
LRO Staffing
October 26, 2018
Ottawa’s Job Market in 2019Job MarketOttawa

Ottawa’s Job Market in 2019

For quite some time, Ottawa had a reputation for being a sleepy government town. Clean, orderly, well looked after, and not many employment opportunities much beyond the federal government and the sectors that support it. In 2018 and looking ahead to next year, this idea could not be further from…
Lee-Anne McDougall
October 17, 2018