Whether starting their career or looking for their next role, we often see our candidates excited when they hear of the different companies they could potentially be working for. That said, it’s important not to rule out any companies based on size to increase your overall chances of obtaining employment. Often we see our candidates’ initial instinct is to gravitate towards the larger, well-known companies with the assumption that they can provide long-term job security and larger compensation, but working for a small business can provide many perks and benefits as well.

Here are 5 benefits of working for a small business that you should consider:

1. Wide-Ranging Experience

Roles are often less specialized at smaller companies compared to larger ones. This means that an employee can obtain hands-on experience in a myriad of areas, interact with more staff, and be afforded a holistic view of the business operations. For example,you may be able to take on new tasks in addition to your role, such as interacting with clients or helping with social media accounts. This is great for an individual who is new to the workforce and looking to enhance their resume or an individual who is looking to learn a new industry to gain the practical skills needed to take the next step in their career.

2. Less Rigidity

Oftentimes the largest appeal with working for a larger company is the flexibility offered, but countless small businesses are able to offer the same work options with less rigidity. With fewer levels of management to go through, there is less red tape when it comes to making decisions. We frequently see small businesses offer alternative work arrangements such as flextime, working from home, telecommuting, and job sharing in order to secure the top talent they’re looking for. When it comes to actual work, we see much less bureaucracy with smaller companies so projects and new ideas from employees are able to be implemented much quicker as well.

3. Proximity to Decision Makers

As mentioned, small businesses have fewer layers of management compared to a larger company, which makes it easier for an employee to get to interact with the owner, C-suite and other leadership. Having visibility with these decision makers allows you to demonstrate your abilities to them directly, as well as it means that when you have an idea or an issue that you can easily go to them to have your opinions considered. Whether your goal is to be promoted, learn new skills or find a mentor, building a valuable relationship with decision makers in a small business will without a doubt help you throughout your career and is one of the largest benefits to working for a small business.

4. Close-Knit Culture

A positive corporate culture is an important factor that job seekers look for when potentially joining a new organization. The close-knit culture that a small business can provide is just as appealing as the corporate culture offered by a larger company for many reasons. Small business owners often have a less competitive, more supportive family-like atmosphere that encourages creativity and uniqueness. With having a smaller team, it is common to form deep professional relationships with your colleagues, which ultimately fosters a more collaborative atmosphere and heightens overall office morale.

5. Personal Satisfaction

Everyone wants to have personal satisfaction with the professional work they are doing. Often with a small company, you are rewarded with seeing the impact of your work on a daily basis, especially due to the fact that the level of control and responsibility you have with a smaller business is usually far greater than someone with a similar level position at a bigger company. Additionally, with the all-hands-on-deck approach that many small businesses take, you will likely have the ability to develop a completely new skill that could awaken a passion or new career path entirely for you. Ultimately, a small business awards you with the freedom to be creative, try new things and see direct results from your work, which often helps individuals feel more professionally fulfilled and satisfied.

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Alita Fabiano

Author Alita Fabiano

Specializing in strategic communications, digital accessibility, as well as diversity and inclusion, Alita Fabiano has a passion for championing a stronger workforce through inclusion. Alita’s insights have also been published in the Ottawa Business Journal and Canadian SME Magazine, as well as she has been invited to speak to several organizations about inclusivity and accessibility.

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