In the ever-evolving world of Information Technology (IT), it’s common for professionals in this specific industry to find themselves at a crossroads when choosing between permanent roles and consultancy positions. While there are inevitably charms to both, IT consultancy does present some unique advantages that can elevate your career trajectory and personal life. 

“IT consulting might not seem like the most traditional career path, but I hear about many benefits that can be overlooked. It’s rewarding for IT professionals to see a full project come to fruition or to try new things and see what sort of industry or size of company you like to work for long term”, says Mackenzie Molinski, Senior IT Contract Recruiter at LRO Staffing.

As a search and staffing firm with deep expertise in Technology recruitment for both private and public sector, we’ve seen firsthand the transformative impact that consultancy roles can have on IT professionals for several reasons. As such, below we’re delving into some of those compelling benefits.

Diverse Experience and Skill Enhancement

Have you ever felt stuck in a tech rut? One of the most significant perks of IT consultancy is the exposure to diverse projects across various industries. Unlike permanent roles that can confine you to a specific domain, consultancy allows you to work on a range of projects, technologies, and business challenges. To remain at the forefront of technology, you must stay in the know constantly, and this diverse experience not only makes you a versatile IT professional capable of adapting to different environments, but can help to re-energize your mind.

Working as an IT consultant also involves considering different industry and global workforce trends. Burgeoning sectors like clean energy and artificial intelligence will continue to see a surge in projects in the coming years and as such, the subsequent demand for individuals who can work on 6-month to 1-year contracts will rise. Such dynamics create an ideal environment for professionals to consistently diversify their skills and experience.

IT contracting can also foster a more entrepreneurial mindset and create a sense of independence among professionals. As a consultant, you’re responsible for managing your own projects, clients, and deliverables, which instills a level of ownership and accountability. This autonomy empowers you to make strategic decisions, drive initiatives and develop valuable leadership and managerial skills. Over time, this entrepreneurial mindset and independence can set you apart from your peers and position you as a sought-after consultant.

Higher Earning Potential

While more money doesn’t necessarily equate to more happiness, financial incentives can be undeniably attractive in the world of IT consultancy. Depending on your specialization, consultants can often command higher hourly rates or project-based fees compared to traditional salaried positions. Moreover, consultancy usually offers opportunities for bonuses, incentives, and performance-based rewards upon project completion. 

Furthermore, while you could certainly say that IT consulting lacks the stability of income/benefits that a permanent gig offers, during a turbulent economy, IT consultants can perhaps feel a bit more at ease with the option to intentionally seek well-supported projects backed by substantial budgets.

Flexibility and Professional Growth

Having autonomy over your work schedule continues to reign supreme as a top attribute among job seekers and the same can be said about IT professionals. Flexibility is no longer just a buzzword and is typically of paramount consideration. Furthermore, one of the benefits of IT consultancy is that it offers the flexibility to choose projects that align with your interests, expertise, and lifestyle preferences. Whether you prefer remote work, flexible hours, or a blend of short-term and long-term engagements, consultancy allows you to design a work schedule that suits you. 

While it’s often par for the course to work long hours to meet certain project deadlines, the upside is that it gives you a level of control to plan your downtime and the work-life balance you prefer at different life or career stages. For instance, we’ve seen individuals who have retired but enjoy having the opportunity to augment their income or pick and choose when/how much they can lend senior expertise to different organizations. By hunkering down and working for a few months during the winter seasons, they’re able to afford that nice extended vacation throughout the summer months. 

Regarding career growth, consultancy roles can also offer significant opportunities for networking and expanding your professional circle. Working on diverse projects allows you to collaborate with industry-leading professionals, and build valuable connections as you rely less on your employer’s brand and more on your personal brand and reputation. These connections can open doors to new opportunities and partnerships with industry trailblazers. 

While permanent roles offer stability and job security, IT consultancy can offer professionals significant opportunities and growth they perhaps have not previously considered. From diverse experience and higher earning potential to flexibility and professional development, the benefits of being an IT consultant are certainly worth considering. Feeling intrigued but need help figuring out where to start? Contact our tenured team of IT Contract experts today for a transparent discussion on whether it could be a viable path for you and your career.

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