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Our actions speak louder than words

Why choose LRO Staffing over other placement firms? Our actions speak louder than words. As recruitment professionals, we have assembled a team of tenured search & staffing experts and fostered a culture to retain them. Furthermore, our retention rate of 94% is unparalleled for an agency of our size. It ensures continuity of care to our clients and candidates. We’ve also made a significant investment in research, technology and marketing to give our team the tools necessary to succeed.

Here’s how The LRO Staffing Advantage translates to benefits for you:

  • Get quick access to qualified candidates. We’ve been in the specialized recruitment business since 2005 and have built an extensive network of the best and brightest in the markets we serve. In fact, we have a dedicated research team that tracks thousands of candidates – all professionals in their chosen fields – throughout their careers so we know their availability and interest levels at any given time.
  • Get the right fit for your role. To ensure we’re assessing the most suitable candidates for your role, we work with you to define a comprehensive job profile. Then our Recruitment team canvases the market place as well as our  network of candidates to recommend the most appropriate group of candidates to present to you.
  • Rest assured you’ll never have to settle for second best. To make sure you’re fully satisfied with our candidates, we provide two hiring options. One option is to interview and choose a contract or permanent candidate well in advance (“interview to hire”), and the other is to meet one of our pre-screened candidates the morning of an assignment to save on time when urgency is the priority (“direct hire”).
  • Enjoy exceptional and transparent service. As an LRO Staffing client, you’ll benefit from our exceptional service and eliminate the potential conflict of interest that exists among most firms where one individual represents the interests of clients and candidates alike. Your LRO Staffing Account Executive will represent your interests from start to finish, our recruiters will ensure that no part of the candidate market will be overlooked when filling your role, and will bring forward multiple candidates.

Our Core Values – What Makes us Tick

Core values aren’t just a talking point. They’re reflected in every single interaction we have with our clients and our candidates. This is what makes us stand out in every market that we operate. You can see it in the testimonials that we receive and in the relationships that we form. Here’s how we distinguish ourselves from most of our competitors.



The LRO Way – Keep Both the Client’s and Candidates Best Interest at Heart

Our business works best when a true win-win situation is the end result of our engagement with a client, a candidate, and their collective needs. It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s important to take note that one of our guiding principles is a simple phrase we like to often use: “Relationships Matter”. This goes to the very heart of how we deal with everyone. A win-win situation develops when we find the absolute best candidate for the client, and the candidate lands in a position and company that they are absolutely thrilled to work for.

Competitor’s Method – A Client or Candidate Focus Only

When only one end of the recruiting transaction is the focus, often the results are not the optimal outcome, with at least one or more parties feeling like they are walking away from the interaction as if though they had to compromise or give something up in order to complete the transaction. This happens far too often when recruiters are simply focused on keeping either only the client or candidate happy. The ironic result is that far too often, as a result of this single-minded focus, neither party walks away happy.

The LRO Way – A Transparent Process

When dealing with matters of employment, our goal is to always provide a transparent process. There’s nothing to hide and simply put we’re always up-front and honest with both our clients and candidates. This means that if we think your resume needs some serious polishing, we’re not afraid to steer you in that direction before we present you to any of our clients. Conversely, if our client’s expectations around the availability of certain candidates or salary expectations are simply not in line with what the realities of the job market are, we’ll relay that info with no pretense or resorting to painting a rosier picture.

Competitor’s Method – Cover Up and Sugar Coat

Unfortunately, many candidates and clients come to us with stories of dealing with staffing firms that make wild promises and simply can’t deliver. When challenged, they often fall back on the idea that this is “as good as it gets”, having covered up the realities of the situation simply to get the client or candidate to sign on the dotted line.

The LRO Way – Making the Right Connections

At the very centre of the proposition that we are in fact in the people business, is the idea that making the right connections between companies looking to fill a need in their workforce and finding the right person to fill that need is a simple proposition. But while it may sound simple, making the right connection can be a complex process. It’s not simply about checking all the boxes on paper, it’s a more intuitive feel about the synergy and connection that both parties are likely to make. This “feel” for making the right connections only comes with years of experience. As a result, LRO Staffing is filled with highly tenured recruiting professionals that have a hefty record of successful placements under their belts.

Competitor’s Method – Making a Connection at Any Cost

Less experienced recruiters often simply don’t have the right feel for sussing out whether a company and a candidate are the right fit for each other. While a match in skill-set may indicate that any given placement may be the right connection, the numerious intangibles are often forgotten in the process. The result is almost always some level of dissapointment on both the client and candidate side of the recruiting equation.

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“LRO Staffing has been a trusted advisor to our company for some time. Its network of talented candidates sets it apart from the competition. When we need a great candidate , LRO Staffing is our trusted partner. The firm understands our business and our culture, and who will be successful in our organization. They understand that it’s in everyone’s best interest to find the right match.”

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