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Advance your career, with our help

Why choose LRO Staffing over other placement firms? At LRO Staffing, relationships matter. It’s how we do business. Furthermore, it’s the reason our candidates continue to include us in their plans, careers, and refer others without hesitation.

Here’s how working with LRO Staffing translates to benefits for you:

  • Find work quickly. Since 2005, LRO Staffing has built a vast network of client companies that recognize our expertise and like the way we work. So when these companies need people, we’re usually the first to know.
  • Get a better fit for you. Our singular focus on achieving a better fit is the reason why we conduct thorough research on every job opportunity and company, carefully assess your skills, goals and values against the opportunity and company.
  • Work with a recruiter who speaks your language. Our recruiters know your profession and understand the structure, responsibilities and jargon of your role. That’s because they’ve worked in your field and have earned some of the same professional designations you’ve got listed beside your name.
  • Let us sweat the big and small stuff. We’ll negotiate the best rate or compensation package for you, based on our expert knowledge of the role, the company and the market. If you’re working on contract, we’ll ensure timely and regular payments so you can enjoy the flexibility of being self-employed without having to worry about cash flow.
  • Advance your career, with our help. We’re interested in building a relationship with you. So we take the time to get to know your career goals and work to ensure the roles we place you in help you move forward in your career path.
How can we help you?

Contact us at our office or submit a business inquiry online.

“LRO Staffing has been a trusted advisor to our company for some time. Its network of talented candidates sets it apart from the competition. When we need a great candidate , LRO Staffing is our trusted partner. The firm understands our business and our culture, and who will be successful in our organization. They understand that it’s in everyone’s best interest to find the right match.”

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