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Looking to advance your career with the right role within the right organization? LRO Staffing helps qualified professionals like you find challenging roles that let you apply your skills and experience while satisfying your personal and financial goals. We offer contract placement and permanent job search services in several core areas of practice:


  • Government: We have a direct link to great opportunities for progressive mid-to- senior-level professionals. Whether it’s finding just the right policy and advisory assignment, landing a great human resources role or taking the next step as a procurement specialist, LRO Staffing can provide you with the guidance and support you need to find a better fit for you. Learn more about our government opportunities.



  • Human Resources: From new HR graduates to senior Human Resource practitioners offering strategic HR guidance, LRO Staffing can assist with both permanent and project/contract resources. With any great search firm, clients become candidates and no where is this more evident than our relationships with HR professionals. They are among the most discerning and they choose LRO Staffing.


  • Communications: We work with communications professionals from new graduates to senior communications professionals with expertise in media relations, social media, digital and emerging media. Whether you need a strategic plan, website content overhaul or want to better exploit social media as part of an integrated plan, we have the right communications talent for you.


  • Construction and Development: If you are looking for highly skilled contract and permanent Construction & Development professionals, then look no further. Our singular focus on getting the "better fit" quickly and professionally has helped companies and candidates for more than 10 years.



Contract or permanent? The choice is yours
There are various reasons why people decide to pursue a contract or permanent role. Whichever path you choose, rest assured that your designated Recruitment Associate will work vigorously on your behalf to ensure you achieve your search objectives. Of course, you can also decide to take on contract work while we continue to search for your ideal permanent position. Either way, we know you'll be pleased with the experience – and the results.


The LRO Staffing Candidate Commitment™
We don't just plug you into assignments; we cultivate a relationship aimed at helping you build your career. So don't be surprised to see your skill sets and portfolio of industry experience expanding with each assignment or role – it�s all part of a plan to help you advance in your career path. Like you, we take a long-term view when it comes to building successful relationships and successful careers.


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