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What candidates and clients are saying

"LRO Staffing has been a trusted advisor to our company for some time.  Its network of talented candidates sets it apart from the competition.  When we need a great candidate within finance and accounting, LRO Staffing is our trusted partner.  The firm understands our business and our culture, and who will be successful in our organization.  They understand that it's in everyone's best interest to find the right match."

CA, Private Sector Client - Finance & Accounting

"Talent is the product of our business.  As our business moved into hyper-growth this year, we felt the need to supplant the traditional 'vendor-client' relationship with a partner that we could integrate into the process of supporting our business growth.  The LRO Staffing team invested in deeply understanding our culture, values and differentiators to position themselves as the partner.  The talent they represent allows us to maintain our delivery quality at the levels our clients have come to expect and demand."

Private Sector Client - Technology

"Speaking of my experience working with LRO Staffing, what's impressed me the most is their knowledge about the Government contracting processes and the excellence of services, which helped me in finding the right expertise within and expected time frame.  Thank you LRO Staffing!"

Federal Government Client - Audit

"The recruiter was one in a million; she took the time to brief me and follow-up on questions or concerns in a timely and professional manner.  She was extremely honest and forthright in all her dealings with me.  LRO Staffing provided a much more thorough and attentive experience from the initial interview to the (several) follow-ups after securing the position."

CMA, Private Sector Candidate - Finance & Accounting

"The candidate you placed with us is a great fit for the firm!  We are very happy with her and we are very happy with your service.  Thank you again."

Private Sector Client - Legal & Executive Support

"I have worked with LRO Staffing on various contractual assignments over the past six years.  LRO Staffing has always demonstrated professionalism and provided me with excellent services.  The staff at LRO Staffing is always professional, dedicated and attentive.  I highly recommend LRO Staffing."

Federal Government Consultant - ATIP

"I've worked with many recruitment firms.  LRO Recruiters create long-term relationships not only with their candidates but also with their employers to ensure the needs of both are met.  Since being placed by LRO, I've used their services to recruit team members.  LRO has provided great candidates and ensured they were a good fit within the organization."

— CGA, Private Sector Client/Candidate - Finance & Accounting

"It's been a pleasure working with LRO Staffing for the past years; their collaborative approach and engaging style allowed for an open and trusting relationship to develop.  I consider LRO Staffing to be one of my professional partners and their experience and support have been very valuable to me.  LRO Staffing takes a very personal approach to getting the right consultant for the work and the right work for the consultant.  The firm has multiple procurement vehicles active in the public sector which is a critical element for getting consultants working on federal government projects.  I have personally found LRO Staffing a pleasure to work with over numerous engagements.  I highly recommend their services."

Federal Government Consultant - Policy Development & Implementation

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